Executing Test Suite Collection to run in Parallel from Batch files

Hey all, first post.

As per the title, I was curious if it’s possible to execute a Test Suite Collection by using a batch file. While I was reading through the documentation for command line the only reference I saw to Collections was for locating a Test Suite.

If not, that’s fine, I’m just curious about if it’s at all possible, because scheduling a series of TestSuites to run in parallel could prove useful for my team!

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Thank you for sharing your first post! I will be monitoring to see what responses you get. If this isnt currently available then it may be a good idea for an enhancement.

Cheers, Sara


You can use the command line generator built into Katalon Studio:

The relevant part of the command line will be something like…

-testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/Dummy Collection"

Just put the whole command in your batch file.

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I got too accustomed to clicking the “Build CMD” button and “Generate CMD” and then modifying the command afterwards. Once I saw my first TestSuite was the one passed at I assumed it wasn’t an option!

Cheers. My team hasn’t had the need to use this functionality just yet – but I wanted to explore the possibility and test before I suggest running running things in parallel.