Execute a TestCase , Suit of TestCase without installing Katalon Studio

Hello Every one
I made a Katalon Studio porject on Machine A , i need to know if there is a way to export this project or its testcases somehow(jar,war,…) to be able to execute them in another machine B . the machine B should not have katalon studio installed

ANY helps

Thank you in advance

I don’t think you can do that.


Read this link and adapt it to your use case (Machine A is your Katalon Studio PC)(Machine B is your Selenium Grid Hub and Selenium Grid Node):

Note: The Katalon Studio Project (Test Cases, Test Suites & Test Suite Collections) only exists on Machine A…

Additional Note: For simplicity, expand Katalon Studio zip file on Machine B in the same layout as Machine A. Otherwise, you need to alter the Selenium Grid Node’s batch file for the new location of the browser’s webdriver files and the selenium-server-standalone-3.7.1.jar file. You won’t need to run Katalon Studio on Machine B…