Can export selected Katalon Test Cases/TestSuite to a executable jar?

Hi there,

I have my katalon project created in the machine A, and I would like to run my katalon selected test cases/test suite in CI build agent in machine B (where no katalon studio installed). It is possible to execute the selected test cases/test suite with exported executable jar file? Is Katalon support export jar file?

or any other ideas how I can do so?

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i am using git to host my projects and execute them in jenkins with katalon docker image

Creating jar is not your option.

You should save your Katalon Project on the whole into Git and push it to some Remote Git Repository service such as GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab. And share the remote Git repository by Katalon Studio on machine A and CI build on machine B.

Please have a look at my comment at 08/03/2018 to the discussion

Hi Ibus and kazurayam,

Thanks for the reply.
The intention is, the CI build in machine B only execute for smoke testing (small portion from the project). Instead of pull the whole Katalon project, i only want to pull the related files for my “SMOKE_TEST_SUITE”.

Any solution for this?


Katalon Studio is not designed to be able to partially export test cases/test objects/test listeners/test suites.

You should create a test suites “SmokeTests” in addition to “FullTests”. The SmokeTests executes only the test cases you want run on the CI build on machine B. You clone the whole project and execute the “SmokeTests” while you leave the FullTests untouched. This is the simplest approach.

Hi kazurayam,

Yes, this is what I’m doing now.
Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Can export selected Katalon Test Cases/TestSuite to a executable jar?

I understand that you want to do in command line like this:

$ java -jar myexecutable.jar

No, Katalon does not support this.

If you want to run your Katalon Tests in command line, you need to purchase Katalon Runtime Engine.

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