Excel formula not updating in Katalon


I’m making a comma list from values in the primary sheet. I run some data setup and refresh the main sheet via a script outside of Katalon. Excel shows the correct values in the formula cell.

Katalon Test Data file continues to show the old values before Sheet1 was updated. The only way to get Katalon to update is to delete the contents of the cell and validate that the cell is empty in Katalon. Then I can put the formula back into the cell, and open/close the data file to see the new data in Katalon.

Closing Katalon, cleaning up the project, nothing will force this data file to update the cell based on the formula. If you open Excel, the correct values are shown from the computed formula. Other formulas work like referencing a cell directly with no manipulation, but concatenate does not update.

It is the function of Excel app to evaluate a formula =CONCAT(....) of a cell.

Katalon Studio is not Excel app.
Katalon Studio does not understand a formula. KS just ignores formulas of every cell.

Workaround 1

You can write one line of Groovy script that concatenates 3 variables into one like this:

def c2 = ...   // the string value of Sheet1!C2
def c3 = ...
def c4 = ...

def concatenated = c2 + "," + c3 + "," + c4
println concatenated

Workaround 2

You want to open the .xslx file with Excel app, open the sheet. Then the cell formula will be evaluated. The cell will have a concatenated string value.

Then you want to save the sheet into a CSV file, where the concatenated string will be saved. In Katalon Studio, you want to use the CSV file as input Data, you won’t use the .xlsx file as input.

The concatenated string will be supplied from the CSV file into a variable in a Katalon Test Case script.