Update Formula data in Excel

Hi! I try to use excel files as inputs for my test case. During some refactoring I decided to minimize my efforts in creating new raw test data and write some formulas in excel.
So the ideal scenario is that I had to change data only in one excel file, than, other excel files should have been updated and then this updated files should have been used as inputs for some test case. Sounds good, right?

BUUUT I faced to one annoying problem. I tried to use method, proposed by Apache POI - “XSSFFormulaEvaluator.evaluateAllFormulaCells(workbook)”
I expected, that my files would had been updated, but unfortunately I recieved an error:
not implemented yet
May be the problem is, that formulas linked to external excel file, may be not.

Is that problem relates to Katalon, or is it some lost functionality of Apache POI?

And may be you could give me an idea, how can I update excel formulas?