[Event] Simplifying Salesforce Automation with Katalon

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Hi Community members, :wave:

We are delighted to announce that the Katalon Community team has been hard at work with one of our Katalon Creators - Sanket Dudhe from Perficient - to bring you a Salesforce-focused event on 2024-02-10T11:00:00Z, along with experts from Perficient and Katalon, to help you gain fresh insights and tips & tricks for testing in the Salesforce domain with the Katalon Platform.

Key takeaways

  • Learn Low-code, No-Code automation techniques: Discover how Katalon’s no-code approach can revolutionize Salesforce automation, making it more accessible and efficient for testing professionals of all levels.

  • Best Practices for Salesforce Testing: Learn best practices for testing within the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring robust and reliable automation processes.

  • Community Building: Engage with the testing community, share experiences, and build lasting connections, creating a supportive network for continuous learning and growth.

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Venue location

Perficient India Pvt. Ltd, 4th Floor, I-Park, IT – Park, Gayatri Nagar Road, Parsodi, Nagpur - 440022, India.

Our partner


Our speakers

From Perficient

Sanket Namita
Sanket Dudhe - Technical Consultant at Perficient Namita Lingarwar - Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient
Sanket is an Associate Technical Consultant at Perficient, a leading digital consultancy firm. He has over four years of experience as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), specializing in test automation for various domains, such as Salesforce and Katalon. He is also a certified professional in multiple testing tools and platforms, including Salesforce, Katalon, ACCELQ, and Copado. Sanket is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the testing community through his 50+ blog posts on Perficient’s website. He also volunteers to teach students Java, Selenium, and Android development for free, demonstrating his commitment to giving back and fostering a culture of learning. Namita Lingarwar is a Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient, a leading digital consultancy firm, with 4 years of working experience, alongside being a certified Salesforce Administrator, Marketing Cloud email specialist, Platform Developer 1, and Service Cloud Consultant. Namita is excited to share her knowledge about Salesforce and Testing Automation in general, and she is always eager to learn something new every day.

From Katalon

Bhavyansh Ameta - Product Support Specialist at Katalon
Bhavyansh is a Product Support Specialist at Katalon who utilizes his technical expertise to assist users with intelligent solutions. His passion for delivering exceptional support is not just about providing answers but fostering a positive and empowering user experience.

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This event is a joint collaboration between Katalon Community team and Perficient, led by Sanket Dudhe, one of our Katalon Creators.

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Hi all,

Thank you very much for attending our Salesforce-focused event, led by one of our Katalon Creator - Sanket Dudhe (@sanket.dudhe) from Perficient - along with the participation and support of Namita Lingarwar - Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient, and Bhavyansh Ameta (@bhavyansh.ameta), our Product Support Specialist at Katalon.

Overall, around 80 people turned up for the event out of 140 registrations. We hope this event has been informative and helpful to all of our attendees, who are now more confident than ever to utilize the Katalon Platform in your Salesforce testing projects.

Take a look at some of the photos taken from the event below :camera_flash:

We also received quite a few engaging questions from the audience, which will be updated in this thread soon.

Thank you again Sanket, Namita, and Bhavyansh, and the team at Perficient and Katalon for making this event possible! :tada: