[Webinar] Maximizing Software Testing Efficiency with Katalon: A Technical Demo Series


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We are excited to announce a new monthly webinar series on the last Wednesday of every month designed for both new and seasoned Katalon users looking to get the best out of the Katalon Platform for their projects.

Joining this webinar will enable you to gain insights on:

  • The challenges of test automation, the common obstacles that many testers face, and Katalon’s solutions for streamlining your testing workflows.

  • Learn how to utilize Katalon’s comprehensive set of features:

    • StudioAssist for intelligent test authoring across web, mobile, API, and desktop platform testing.
    • Quickly generate test cases without coding using Record and Playback in Katalon Studio.
    • Execution flexibility with TestSuite collections, Katalon Runtime Engine, and TestCloud for scalable cross-platform testing.
    • TestOps for insightful analysis, and monitoring test results to refine quality and efficiency.

You will also be able to get to know our speakers and ask them anything you would like to know about Katalon, testing methodologies, and more in our Interactive Q&A section.

:information_source: There are two timeslot available for your convenience, choose the one that is most suitable for you:

  • :clock10: 10:00 AM (ET)
  • :clock2: 2:00 (IST)

Our speakers

image image
Chris Dion - Product Marketing Manager Victor Sen - Senior Solutions Engineer
For the past 5 years Chris has been a Solution Engineer to give QA and Dev teams the automation tools needed to increase test coverage, scale execution, and instill best automation practices. He has used his experiences to help create new or mature existing automation usage to better suite the customer’s initiatives. Victor is a seasoned Senior Solution Engineer with a wealth of experience in Automation Testing. Throughout his career, Victor has collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers, to integrate automation testing seamlessly into the software development lifecycle. He has a strong foundation in automation testing, poised to drive positive outcomes and make impactful contributions to any team or project he engages with.

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