Error starting katalon

Hi everyone,

I don´t know for sure from which version this error started to appear. I’m using katalon since v6.3.3 (v8.2.0 currently). Every two times I open katalon studio, I get this error. I know at least 4 other people who have the same problem. Can you help?

You installed Katalon Studio into C:\Tools folder. This may cause problem.


For Windows users, if you are extracting Katalon Studio outside of the C:\Users\<username> folder, make sure the current user has the Read/Write permission for Katalon Studio package or runs the software with administrator privileges.

You should rather install Katalon Studio under the C:\Users\<username> folder.

Hi again,

As you suggested, i moved the katalon studio to the C:\Users\<username> folder but the problems remain (running as administrator). In my team this is a general problem.


Have you checked if the path C:\Tools\Katalon_Studio_Widnows_64-8.2.0\\plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.5.700.v20200207-2156.jar really exists? Check it in the Windows Explorer.

The path seems to be an invalid one. Perhaps the jar does not exits. So Eclipse may not start, could fail with exit code = 1.

I noticed, in the screenshot you attached, the path of jar contains 3 patterns of path separators:

  • \
  • \\
  • /

Especially \\ looks strange to me.

I guess \\ should rather be \Eclipse\ ?

But I have no idea why you have this path value.

Just for your info, I work on a Mac. I have KS v8.2.1 installed, which has the following katalaon.ini


I don’t think this could be a problem because the jar exists and this error only happens sometimes. If I try again, KS will start normally.

I have no more idea.