Error for Integration with Azure DevOps Test Plans


We are trying to do the integration with Azure Devops Test plans, and when trying to connect with the URL and personal access token it gives us the following error message: “Failed: The requested REST API version of 6.0 is out of range for this server. The latest REST API version this server supports is 5.1.”

After a big of digging this makes sense due to us being on Azure Devops 2019 instead of 2020. But my question is would there be a way for us to set the REST API version that katalon is requesting somewhere? It seems strange to not allow any way to use this helpful integration with test plans for anything other than the latest version of Azure DevOps.

Hi Brian @brian.heifner, thank you for your information.

The message appears when users are integrating Katalon with Azure DevOps (ADO) server. Please check whether you are using ADO On-Cloud or Server. For your information, Katalon is currently supporting ADO On-Cloud only. If you are paid customer, you could reach out to our Support team via this link for further details. For community support, we acknowledge the situation and inform you when the situation is resolved.

Thank you.
Vu Tran