Unable to Install Katalon Extension for Azure DevOps

When attempting to install the Katalon Extension in my Azure DevOps organization, I get an error “TF400898: An Internal Error Occurred.”

I reached out to Microsoft support and they said they were also unable to install the extension.

Is there a way for me to build and run the test suite in DevOps without this extension?

Hi @justin1,

From version 8.0.0, Azure DevOps (ADO) - Test Plans can natively integrate with Katalon Studio. See the detailed document here.

Also, you can refer to the 8.0.0 release note and what’s new to get acquainted with our new features and enhancement.


Does it mean you would not support Katalon Extension anymore?


We still support the Katalon Exentions in Azure DevOps.

The ADO - Test Plan integration is another way to integrate the Test Plan with Studio natively in Studio.