Enable to click in Radio button

Hello @emine @Brandon_Hein
please i need your helping, so i can’t check the second option of radio button even i tried with click not working.

Code :

Error details:

try doing it like this





@ferrariklersone Perhaps you can put in a wait statement before the check statement.


Also, check the path of the element to ensure you have the correct properties to make it unique.

According to the error message, you are trying to click on a non-interactable element. There are many possible reasons for an element to be non-interactable.

Can you share what you have in the test object:

Demande Inter - Repository/Detail Billet Avion/Hebergements/Raiod Button/label_Non

As well as the HTML for the radio button you are trying to click?

Hello, this solution does not solve my problem.
thank you for more suggestions please.

the same error displayed, this solution does not solve my problem.
thank you for more suggestions please.

Hello Dear,
here is the html of the radio button that i’d like to click on.
thank you for helping again.


For the “Non” radio button, are you using the following xpath: id("customRadioAller2") with the tag as “input”? If you used the Web Spy to get the attributes, those two are all you really need to use (and perhaps also keep type as “radio” for ease of lookup in the Object Repository).

Hello @Brandon_Hein
this is what i have in the test object (label_Non)

Hello @ferrariklersone

Please radio button not suitable for inserting into Oui text. And of course WebUI.delay (2); Add a waiting time like.Clicking on the radio button field is the same as clicking on the text.

hello Dear @emine,
The first option OUI, the click works correctly with the object i captured (syp web).
but to click in the second option NON, there is a problem, click not working, i don’t know what wrong with this element.

I am not sure if i understand the issue completely but should not the radio button be unchecked first then you can check it?
Sorry if its just an unnecessary comment. :no_mouth:
After clicking on the radio button the class name changes. Need to get the xpath before it is clicked.


@ferrariklersone Then the trouble may be due to the fact that some objects have the same ID. In Katalon Studio, these objects cannot be distinguished because their ids are the same.
Would you also try that way? First, create 2 separate test cases and click the first of the radio buttons in the first case and the second case on the second. After getting the IDs of the two buttons in the object repostory, you can put them together in one case. This must be the most guaranteed solution.

by the way my problem is when I click on the radio button NON the click does not work.
but when I click on the first OUI button, the click goes well without any problem.

thank you !

cool @emine I try this method now.

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Hello @emine :tada:
I tried the way you suggested, and it fixed all the clicks issues, and the following page’s showing.
Every day, I learn new things about automation testing on katalon studio thanks to this great community.

thank you for being there and for your help! :+1: :+1:

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I am happy to help.

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hello @emine,
please why i got this error it is a simple click on the button.

Error :

Hello @ferrariklersone
In the object repostory of the object you want to click, either there is no recognition or the definition is incorrect. Please re-register for the object you want to click and make sure you save the object to the object repostor.

Validate button still does not working. But Edit button works correctly.