Could not be scrolled into view

On the site there are two radio buttons (with the same tag,class), the Katalon chooses the right one, but can not click on it (I use the click command)

Perhaps you might try giving us a bit more information? 2 radio buttons in code necessary radiobutton in Katalon
failed (in Katalon) because (of) Unable to click on object 'Object

Try using WebUI.waitForElementNotPresent() on the element (the thing that is blocking the “view” so KS cannot click the button) before clicking your radio button.

Everything is ok, thank you!
Also i have a question. I have text field with mask. And Katalon doesn’t fill it but leaves blank. I don’t understand why

There is a

with as a child element.
When you try to click the radio button, this div.wrap-label is in the way (you cannot see it, but your browser can), so you need to wait for it to go away.
You can do that by using the WebUI.waitForElementNotPresent() before continuing to click on the radiobutton-oplata-bankovskoii-kartoi.