[Community Summary] Thank YOU for a Great Q3 2022!

Hi Community members! :wave:

Today we’re very excited to share with you some of our Community’s highlights of the last three months (Q3 2022 - July, August & September) as below …

New members are joining our Community every day, and now we’re very close to welcoming our 20,000th member! However, a big community is nothing without interactions, and so we’re proud to say that our number of discussions (topics/posts created, reactions, solutions marked, etc.) have also gone up substantially as well!

We’d like to give a special shout-out to our top 10 performing members for your efforts and dedication to our Community …

We’d also like to thank the members below for showing your support and taking part in our activities such as the Tester Personalities and Bug Hunter games …

Tester Personalities

  1. @trinhvandat
  2. @yennguyen875946
  3. @tmtotma

Bugs Hunter

  1. @ankitrai
  2. @Busy_Heron
  3. @Jens.gr

Some sneak peak into Q4: We’re bringing some new programs and activities in this fourth quarter to better your experiences in the Katalon Community. After all, while you may come to the Community for technical support and guidance, we also aim to have you stay to have fun and engage with other members! Stay tuned! :smile:

Thank YOU for making a great Q3! :+1:
Katalon Community Team