Katalon Swag? T-shirts? Hats? Mugs?


We have a team of developers and testers who bit the bullet this month and began automating our regression tests using Katalon Studio. The experience challenged us in many new ways, expanded our knowledge, and brought us together. We are becoming convinced that the benefits will be reaped over the coming months and years.

To celebrate our Katalon experience, is there a link to purchase Katalon t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, or something of the kind?


Hi @Harold_Owen,

We’re glad to know your team’s achievement. Currently, Katalon team do not any specific branding items for sales but your suggestion is great. Let us think about implementing this idea for all users.

For now, we’re happy to do something special for your team. Please let us know how many people in your team and when you’ll need these items, then we may see if it’s possible to deliver some Katalon stuffs to your office.



Thank you. That is kind of you!


Hello, do you have any tshirts or mugs?




Do We @Hanh_Tran ? :grinning:


do you? we might be able to buy some


Hello, any decals at least?