Email or password is invalid! when activating Katalon version 6.x.x

I’m still using KS 6.1.2 until company makes the jump to a newer version (main blocker is working with proxies)…
I downloaded 6.1.2 to a Mac and tried to activate product.
Received massage ‘Email or Password is invalid!’

I normally use Windows and have 6.1.2 running today but now need to run two versions at same time… Mac and Windows. My regular activation does not work so I also tried a second login, using a different email - same failed validation.

Can I ask whether new installs of 6.1.2 are still supported or is there some other issue please? I have never used Katalon on a Mac before and there might be a proxy issue - hard to tell from the error message.


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HI everyone,

Sorry for the late reply. Since we stopped maintaining the old activation server, it’s no longer possible to activate KS6.x on new machines or with new registered accounts. Please use the latest version for these cases.

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