Elpased time out

Hi guys. Hope you guys can help me on this matter. I have tried the mobile testing and set he default timeout 250 and the katalon shows error timeout elpased time out take 4 min. Then i change the default timing to 90S, able to pass the testing case. Thank you


What is your question ? It seems you were able to resolve the error after you changed the default timing to 90S

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where you set 250, can you share screenshot?

here you go

hi there,
The issue is when i change back to 250 the elpased time out was 90 s, then when i change the setting to 90 then the elpased time out shows 250s. Not sure the logic behind and how the system calculate the time in order to execute the mobile app

Are you sure that you dont have specific timeout settings in your test scripts and if there is it will override the default timeout

Hi @mohana
you are facing this timeout during the test or while Launching the application.

because if you use 500s timeout then it will make your test slower.

If Default wait for element timeout (in seconds) set = 50 then katalon will check presence of next element upto 50 seconds.
if element found after 2 seconds then katalon will not wait for another 48 seconds.

in theory.
however somebody said, some time ago:

“theoretically, in theory is like in practice.
but in practice it is not”

did you verified your sentence in practice?

yes my team is using for safari browser execution and reported working expected.