Customizing Katalon's Default wait for element timeout in Test Cases

Hello folks, I am looking to change the Katalon Default wait for element timeout (in seconds) from within a test case. Is this possible? I would like to do this to reduce runtime for those steps where we are okay with a conditional pass. I’ve searched the forum for solutions but have not found any yet…

Found this in my quest but it’s not working, the setTimeouts does not exist in ‘RunConfiguration’.

import com.kms.katalon.core.configuration.RunConfiguration
// Set the desired timeout (in seconds)
int customTimeout = 10
// Update the default wait for element timeout



Hey Dave

Must admit, I’m surprised you even want to modify it. As I understand it, the default only reaches the limit supplied if, for whatever reason, the element is unavailable to start with.

Even so, if you still want to approach it like that, have you considered writing your own access APIs (for click, setValue, etc) and avoid Katalon’s (Selenium’s) APIs altogether?

I’m probably missing your point somewhere…

Thanks for the feed-back @Russ_Thomas :slightly_smiling_face: