Element not visible - false negative


I want to check if a radio button isn’t visible.

verify Element not visible
verify Element not clickable

are not working due to the error that the element is “not found”. But in my opinion this is exactly what I want to have tested as positive result.

With verify Element not present I have a success. But I think this isn’t the most clean way to test the absence.


Did you wait until page is fully loaded?

This error occured when you try to verify an element but the element is not present in the actual page.


Yes I tested a delay of 10 seconds.

It is possible that’s not present in the actual page as it isn’t activated in this tested country.

And this is exactly what I want to check: that the radio button doesn’t exist in this country.

Hi @Pascal_Donauer

Why do you think Verify Element Not Present is not the cleanest way to test the absence ? It is designed to test for the presence of an element after all.

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Well ok, the other way around would be the cleanest.
Verify Element Present wouldn’t verify if the element is also visible.

In this case if element not present it shouldn’t also be visible. Yes.

@Pascal_Donauer If the Element is not present, it cannot be visible.

However, an Element can be Present, but NOT Visible. Once our page has been saved, the “input” element gets hidden and a “p” element becomes visible with the saved data.

Also, for some selections, such as “Other”, another textbox appears for more information. The textbox is on the page, but hidden until the proper selection.


Correct, but it can’t be visible and not present.

that’s why verify if element not present in this case will be correct and is also working.