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I need some information on what is the difference between ‚ÄúVerify Element Present‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúVerify Element Visible‚ÄĚ built in keyword?

Hi @Aliasger_Kiranawala

Verify Element Visible will check to see if the element is both present and visible. Failure in either of these will make Verify Element Visible return false. Verify Element Present may return true yet the element can still be invisible and therefore won’t be able to be interacted.

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Thanks @ThanhTo

@ThanhTo I came across one scenario where I used verifyElementNotVisible on a page where that page is not present. But it was failing saying Unable to locate element where as on the same page verifyElementNotPresent worked. Please help me in understanding the difference.

for it to be not visible it has to be present

I also have same confusion
Both of these function should return true or false based on the situation, but I get exceptions, as it is not assert functions why is exception thrown & I have to add unnecessary try catch to handle that,


Katalon is not able to verify that an element is visible in the below case. Can someone please help.

A text will be visible next to a button once we click the button and then in 2 or 3 seconds it disappears. I have used the steps as below. But I was not able to verify it.

  1. Click on the button
  2. Wait For Element Visible (I have included the text Xpath)
  3. Verify Element visible.

Wait For Element Visible is showing a warning message saying, not able to see any element visible. Verify Element visible is failing.

Please help me on how I can verify such cases.

Thank you

Verify Element Visible waits how long for an element before getting time out? Please confirm as we are not defining any time out for this method

As you can see in the document, the Verify Element Visible keyword does not wait at all.

You should use Web For Element Present and/or Web For Element Visible to wait before calling ‚ÄúVerify Element Visible‚ÄĚ.

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