Why Can not Second Loop ? Plz tell me suggestion

sry i can not well english everyone understand me
i write binary script to top picture code

first Loop, well done
but second Loop entering, top picture highlight blue bar execution after, stop test case,

I search the console log, but not found exception and fail log,

plz everyone tell me suggestion,

my head hot-steam for that’s problem

thx u for reading


I solved the problem.

that is.

Org.open qa.selenium.StaleElementReferenceException foundation reference : element is not attached to the page

(Reference url : https://www.seleniumhq.org/exceptions/stale_element_reference.jsp)

This exception does not log if a non-catalon library is used.

The reason for this exception is

When the page was refreshed, the referenced object was destroyed.

(That means getting a new dept3list)

A get a new dept3List

the loop works normally.