DynamicTestSuite - Order of TestCases

Hello Community,

playing around first tim with DTS => “Manage dynamic test suites in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs” I got the ‘problem’, that when I define a Query (even at KSE and also at KRE) the order of the TestCases is not the same like I defined in the query!
For us the order of the executed TestCases are required.
Is this ‘by design’ or is this an bug? Is there a way to define the order at the Query?


ids=(Test Cases/TestCase_01,
Test Cases/TestCase_88,
Test Cases/TestCase_02)

TestCase execution Order:
Test Cases/TestCase_01
Test Cases/TestCase_02
Test Cases/TestCase_88


Let me ask my team and back to you soon

Hi @Elly_Tran,

maybe this simple sample project helps to understand my problem more:

Project_DTS.zip (98.9 KB)

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