Dynamic iframe, how to click a button inside it?

I have a web page which generates an iframe that is hosted at a random url each time. How can I click a button inside that iframe since findtestObject won’t work due to the URL always being randomly generated?

I’m having this same issue except my iframe generates a new object id each time. Test will record but stop running when it gets to any step within the iframe. Would love some guidance but not finding any info.

Same issue, I want to use recording to work in iFrames but it does not seem to capture within iframes. Although it works all right if I script it

any update on above problem how to handle as facing same issue every time my iframe has new id associated with it.

Does that iframe has URL generated using predicted pattern, e.g: href=“http://demoaut.katalon.com/xxx123” where xxx will be changed randomly? If so then you have to handle this case dynamically and there are many solutions for this. Please find below links to guides to resolve this issue:

  1. http://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Parameterized+a+Test+Object
  2. https://www.katalon.com/videos/advanced-interactions-dynamic-object-property-modification-using-katalon-studio/