DragAndDrop Plugin

Good Evening Everyone,

I have installed the Drag and Drop plugin on the Trial Version of Katalon Studio. I am concerned I may be doing something wrong as I only see the DragAndDropObject / DragAndDropByOffset keywords. I do not see the DragAndDropHtml5 as a method referenced in the documentation of the plugin.

When I use this plugin, it only highlights the fields, then passes the test. How do I ensure the object is drug to its new location? I have tried the tutorial for the custom keyword, but assume I am making a simple mistake.

here is my code:

‘Use the previous custom keywords to perform the drag and drop action.’
CustomKeywords.‘dnd.DragAndDropHelper.dragAndDrop’(findTestObject(‘Page_Create Committee Admin Legislative App/span_D Rep Kim Abbott-D’),
findTestObject(‘Page_Create Committee Admin Legislative App/span_Drop a member here’))

WebUI.click(findTestObject(‘Page_Create Committee Admin Legislative App/a_Staff’))

WebUI.click(findTestObject(‘Page_Create Committee Admin Legislative App/td_Shauna Albrecht’))

WebUI.dragAndDropToObject(findTestObject(‘Page_Create Committee Admin Legislative App/td_Shauna Albrecht’), findTestObject(
‘Page_Create Committee Admin Legislative App/div_Drop a staff here’), FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.