dragAndDropToObject is not working

Im facing an issue with DragnDrop on katalon studio, I have this info after running my test case :

2024-02-14 15:18:49.933 DEBUG testcase.TC2 - Use OT - 15: dragAndDropToObject(findTestObject(“source”), findTestObject(“target”))
févr. 14, 2024 3:18:51 PM org.openqa.selenium.interactions.Actions moveToElement
INFOS: When using the W3C Action commands, offsets are from the center of element

I already saw many similar issues related to DragnDrop but none of them has got a clear answer from Katalon studio teams
Is there any suggestions how can I resolve that issue ?


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Can you please explain more detailed how this was not working as the info did not tell any error? I found this Sharing from our Katalon team: [KShare] How to use the WebUI.dragAndDropToObject custom keyword successfully?, please take a look!

Sorry to hear that lots of similar issues have not been well answered. If the above cannot help you, it would be very great if you can bring this question to our Ask Katalon Anything event over this: [Coming Soon] Ask Katalon Anything - Feb 26 to Mar 04, 2024 🪄. Cannot wait to see you there!