Downgrade Katalon version 7 tot 6.3.3


We use katalon v7 on desktops. But we have noticed that in Jenkins our tests fails because of the version.
You need a licence from version 7.

I’m not the one in the organisation to say if we going to use a licence. So, till futher notice we want to use 6.3.3.

How can I downgrade the version from 7 to 6.3.3?


Hi @Allan_de_Bruin

You can download older versions here:

Please keep in mind that older versions will sunset around next year’s April 30, 2020, activation would no longer be possible for these versions.

Hey @Allan_de_Bruin,

If you’re using jenkins one goot thing is that you would only need one licence to run tests. Maybe a good reason to get at least the one licence and keep up to date. And not sudddenly have to adjust to a different environment…

Hi, how many testsuites can you run with one license?

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I dont really know what you mean by that… You’re not limited by Test Suites.
But you can create and edit without a licenced KS and run it on Jenkins with the activated KS Version. This way you can always receive the latest bug fixes and so on…

Well, we are going to use jenkins in AWS. And the we want to run more than one test suite via Jenkins.
For now, we want to stay on testing in 6.3.3. until futher notice

That should depend on the system resources you have then. On my pc for work i can run 2 instances/ Test Suites at once without any Problems. Thats with 32GB Ram and an i7 7500U. So thats something i think you need to try out…

I think it also depends on how fast your TestCases / TestSuites should be running… if it doesnt matter that much you could input delays before critical steps like Dropdowns, new pages,… so you can run more Tests at the same time…

I am already using version 6.3.3. So after April 30,2020 I’ll be still able to use my installed version. Right?

The Version you have installed will continue to work but you wont be able to activate it if you reinstall it

What about the plug ins? Those which are mentioned as free on would remain free for version below 7 ?

The Plugins which are marked as free such as Basic Report for Example should stay or at least ive never heard any different…

ok, we have enough information
thanks! Im going to unfollow this topic