Safari 12 Not Working!

When I try to run a test case in Katalon on my Mac, I’m getting an error that says I need to install a webdriver extension. Apple doesn’t support that anymore. Apple Developer Documentation

Please advise!

Sounds like a bug. Moved to Bug Reports.

Hello @bailey.s.cook

I raised a similar issue in the past

Cannot install Safari Extension to run Katalon Test Cases?

Did you ever get the issue resolved? Thanks!

Do you know when it is likely the issue will be resolved? I just did the latest update to 6.1.4 and still not resolved. Thank you!

@bailey.s.cook Follow the link shared by Katalon

Hi @bailey.s.cook,

This issue will be resolved in v6.1.5.

Workaround solution:

  • Due to the announcement of Apple, users can enable webdriver by using this command at once:
safaridriver --enable
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