Do I need Katalon Enterprise license for running a test script?

I’m using the free features of Katalon of when I try to run a script Katalon says the fallow error

Help me out please.

You cannot use the DEBUG (icon looks like an insect) feature of Katalon Studio within having a license, however, you can RUN (icon looks like an arrow) the test scripts without a license.


I’m actually using RUN (the icon looks like an arrow). That’s why I don’t understand why I can’t do it if it’s a feature of the free version.


This sounds like a bug. Please post a thorough bug report: Katalon version, OS and version, and the exact steps so someone can try to figure out what is wrong.


Not sure if it’s a bug. If the project type is Generic, that is supported only by the enterprise version

The thing is before it worked but not anymore, so that’s why it’s an strange behavior, at least for me

well … probably you created such project during your trial period, when you had all features unlocked, and now your trial is expired so only free features are available
nothing strange