Disable SameSite by default cookies in chrome

Hello, I am fairly new to Katalon. Still trying to figure things out. Specifically how to disable SameSite by default cookies flag setting in Chrome. I haven’t been able to do it yet. I’d prefer to set this in Desired Capabilities but will put it in script mode if I have too. Has anyone else been able to accomplish this? Thanks!

I’m not a Chrome guy, but see if this helps…

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Thank you Russ! I think this is going to get me on the right track.

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I guess I would like to open this up again. I did follow this method and I wasn’t able to find a reference in the preferences file for the SameSite by default cookies option in chrome://flags. I believe this may be because this is not a preference for a single user, or a profile issue but looks to be an actual browser setting that applies to all users. I believe what I need to change is in the chromium web driver itself. I’m still trying to figure out how. If anyone has run in to this issue and has been able to figure it out please let me know thanks!

Like I said, I’m not a Chrome guy.

But, I found these…


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I understand the adding None attribute to the SameSite attribute in the cookies is the long term solution . In the short term, I’d like to launch Chrome with the flag disabled. I was finally able to do it in Selenium which means I only need to figure out how to add the same experimental flag to the desired capabilities in Katalon. I’m close… I just need to replicate the screen shot below.


you can use the args capability straight into your project settings to pass any desired chrome flags, e.g:


Thank you everyone for your input and advice it was like tiny little bread crumbs to get me to ultimate victory!. I have included 2 screen shots on exactly what to enter in case anyone searches this and needs to replicate it without any hassle.

It’s also worth noting, although many of you will already know this to a newbie like me it was helpful to know I can disable a flag in Chrome manually and open my main browser and go to “chrome://version” and all the switches will be listed there. In this way I was able to find the exact switch values I needed.

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