Disable/enable test step

since Katalon version 7.3.0 it’s not possible to enable/disable single test steps in a test case. I’m not sure, if the new names of these functions are now Debug:Disable and Debug:Enable. But these functions are only available in the enterprise version. But at version 7.1 it was still possible to enable/disable test steps for the free version. I’m not happy to see, that each update of katalon has unexpected surprises for already existing functions.
Is this a bug or a change for 7.3.x?


I do agree. Why are the functions called “Debug” ? Skipping a step is nothing like “debugging”.
And we would like to ensure that current functionnality set will stay available in future versions.

@Katalon_team You definitely lost 1 potential enterprise client because of this move. This is outrageous behavior.

It’s fun to watch how you bury yourself deeper and deeper.


I’ve been on the fence about getting my company to pay for an enterprise license, but taking features away that have always been available is just not sitting well with me. I just updated (I guess I missed a couple versions) and now I have no quick way to enable/disable called test cases from manual mode; sure I can still use script mode but really what’s the point of taking that away? Also the option to run a script from a specific line has been taken away, why, why, why? Sorry, I guess I’m having one of those moments, I want to stay onboard but I have to think about what’s going to be taken away from me each update now.

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You are absolutely right Steven, I am also beginning to wonder about this tool, if they keep unplugging features from the free version. I was looking online to see if there is any work around for the enable/disable feature which is a pain to add not_run: for every line in the script mode. Please update this thread if you or anyone can find a workaround. Thx