Disable auto redirect from HTTPS://www

Hi all,

I am currently doing a test that requires me to check all of our URL’s that the company holds to make sure that the website has not gone down in anyway. During this test, I verify that different versions of the URL’s load, for example, the prefix of HTTPS://www.websitename.com.

We know that there is an issue with all of our HTTPS://WWW. websites, the page produces a certificate error (This page is not safe) when accessing it through a direct URL.

The test is supposed to verify any failures, including the certificate failure mentioned above, but, when the test case goes to type in the URL of ‘https://www.’ Firefox and Chrome both redirect to the https://. In IE this doesn’t happen, it doesn’t redirect and therefore, we get the failure that we wanted to get.

Any help would be appreciated. Any more information that is needed then please let me know.

Hi, all I just wanted to bump this and see if anyone has any ideas?

Hi, @Vinh Nguyen have you got any ideas or anyone who can help me with this?