Browser request to is slowing my code

I am automating an app which frequently makes the following request.

When I run the app on Firefox manually the request immediately returns an SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN error and the app runs fine. When I run the app in the Web Recorder it runs fine, but when I run it using Action->Run it takes 20 to 40 seconds each time the request is made. I have tried it with Project->Settings->Network set to none and set to “Bypass certification validation” and it does not seem to matter. If I set up a test case which opens a browser with the url “”, Katalon times out if I run it with Action-> Run and immediately returns “404 Not Found” if I run it in the Web Recorder. Is there a way to get the Firefox browser to behave the same way with Action->Run as it does in the Web Recorder?

Every time you run the test, Katalon Studio connects to If the connection is not possible, the test will not start until TimeOut.

That was the reason why my tests were delayed.