Write the sl4J logs into a text file

I want to write the sl4J logs into a text file instead of console. Is there any way to do that

I would write a new keyword or method in java. something like this may help:

Katalon Studio uses the logback as the implementation of the slf4j interface. Some articles on the web explains how to use SLF4J and Logback. For example, please refer to:

Once I have ever tried to change the logback configuration in Katalon Studio. See the following post:.

In this post, I tried to change the format of log messages by modifying the logback configuration. Similarly you can add new appender which writes message into file by modifying the logback configuration.

Here I just mention, it is possible. But it requires a fair amount of programming work.

In How can I change the message format of WebUI.comment("msg")? I described how to overwrite the Logback configuration dynamically. It worked. But I am afraid that technique is not very easy.

@devalex88 once expressed his opinion:

Yes, this would be the most intuitive method of customizing Logback setup.


KS v6.1.2 does not support looking for the Logback configuration file in the current Katalo project. Katalon Studio app needs to be changed.