Device View issues in Mobile Automation through Katalon Studio

Hi Team,

I am working to find out possibilities of Mobile Automation through Katalon Studio. I tried to find all feature that Katalon provide to work on Mobile Automation Domain. But I stuck at a point and now need your support to overcome this exception.

Below I am providing all steps along with screenshots for better understanding.


  1. Katalon Studio(7.2.1)
  2. Gigafox Device Lab(Cloud Mobile lab) account

Steps to follow:

  1. Create a Mobile Project in Katalon Studio

  2. Create a Test Case(iOS/Android)

  3. Provide desired capabilities for remote accessing device lab.

  4. Click on Mobile Record options and provide Application Id.


  5. Katalon Device View not able to launch app though we can app is launched in Device lab view. Screenshot attached

  6. If app launch then after few actions, Device View got hanged. Screenshot attached

    I had tried multiple times with multiple device(iOS & Android both) but the issue remains same. It’s a blocker for me and not able to proceed further. Could you please provide your support to resolve this issue.

Looking forward for positive and early response.

Hi, I have similar issue.
I performed mobile app testing on Katalon Studio.
Problem: I did not get the actions I perform in the device view box and the only thing I get is “start the application” in the RECORDED ACTIONS list but others actions I perform after starting the app doesn’t show in the device view box (device view is not responding to actions i perform after starting the app) or in RECORDED ACTION list.