Application Page is not loading in the "device view" popup katalon

Hi there,

Im sharmie here very new to katalon, i have an issue in record mobile.

Try to automate testing my company’s application but i dont know why the app is opening but it stop at the welcome page itself forever in the device view pop up box there ( the one where will will select the element)

But the same apk it works fine in the phone and when i run the test case also it works fine.

The welcome page is just to load. the user should navigate to the signup page after the open the app

Please advice me on this how-to overcome from this issue

Hi, I have the same issue. I perform mobile app testing on katalon studio.
Problem: I did not get the actions I perform in the device view box and the only thing I get is “start the application” in the RECORDED ACTIONS list but others actions I perform after starting the app don’t show in the device view box or in RECORDED ACTION list.