Date Fields not retaining data

Hi guys,

I’ve been practicing using the Katalon Recorder and it’s been working extremely well for my proof of concept work so far.

However, I am I struggling with automating the input of date fields that change the data to the required format. It seems that once a date is entered the page refreshes keeping all other inputs except for the date field.

Is there a command other than click and type I can use to ensure the data is not lost in this field?

Many thanks

I to am having an issue typing into a date type element. Here is an example to recreate -

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Date
selectFrame index=0index=0
waitForText css=h2 Date Field
waitForVisible name=bday
type name=bday 1990-05-03
click css=input[type="submit"]
waitForText css=div.w3-container.w3-large.w3-border bday=1990-05-03