Data security on Test Cloud

Hi Team,

I have a very generic question related to Test-cloud.

If we run our tests on Test-cloud , does it by any chance store the data on cloud which we pass in the test case?


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Hi @Sdhongadi,
TestCloud does not store test script or test data of your executions.

When scheduling a test to be executed on TestCloud from TestOps, the test project is uploaded to TestCloud and is put into an isolated virtual machine to be executed. After the execution, the virtual machine is destroyed and no data are stored on Katalon server. The data is stored only momentarily for the purpose of executing the scripts.

When executing a test on TestCloud from Katalon Studio, the tests are executed using Remote WebDriver, which means Selenium commands are sent to TestCloud and TestCloud merely execute the commands. No data is stored in this case.


@ha.tpham ,
This info helps. Thanks for the quick response!

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