Katalon TestOps - Is it encrypted?

Once I run my Test Case/Test Suite in Katalon and go to Katalon TestOps, I see Results, Test Runs, csv files, html files, etc. have my sensitive data. So I was wondering if the TestOps is encrypted. To further explain, for e.g. there are some chat apps that encrypt each session uniquely, so even the admin/developers would not be able to access any data except the sender and receiver. Similarly, I would like to know if our account/Results/Test Runs/Files etc. seen in the TestOps Executions board are encrypted the same way?

Hi @spradhan,

Database and file storage will be encrypted in TestOps.

Hope this helps.


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To be precise, all data and files are currently (not will be) encrypted.

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Thank you @devalex88 for the reply.