Cloud Storing for Security

Is Katalon studio stored on the cloud? I downloaded Katalon, and need to find out if there a cloud storing for security reasons and for others in my office as well.

thank you


I do not understand this. What is “a cloud storing for security”?

is Katalon stored on the cloud? When I first signed up, I downloaded Katalon to my laptop, but for security reasons can it be saved on the cloud or access via the cloud, incase other testers on the team want to use the service

To answer your question(s) with enough detail, I would be rewriting the documentation.


Katalon Studio is the product you use to develop Test Cases. KS allows you to add Test Cases to collections called Test Suites.

Your Test Cases and Suites can be stored in and retrieved form Git – your team members can do the same.

Katalon (the company) provides cloud-based services for test suite execution.

If you need any more detail, you should read the documentation.