Data Files are not getting parsed correctly

Data Files parsing from Excel files used to work fine until recently. Now it is broke and not parsing data correctly.

227 is being parsed as 227.0

No matter what the data type inside excel is. Katalon Data File is reading them as floating numbers.

I am not sure what kind of regression testing Katalon devs/testers are doing but this totally unacceptable to slip through to release.

Were you creating a new Data File or using an existing one?

Please take a look at this if you were referring to 6.3.0.

It broke the existing data files and of course the tests are failing.

Could you please send us a sample Excel file? I could not reproduce the issue.

Also please verify that the option “Bind to test case as string” has been checked in the Test Data configuration.

Hi @John_S1

We have resolved this issue in Katalon’s latest version 6.3.1 which is available for download now. Please use it to see if there’s any problem.

Cheers !