Reading data from empty excel cells in Katalon 6.3.1

For my Rest services automation, I read the test data from an excel sheet. For certain scenarios, few of the fields will not have any value(blanks). This was working fine in Katalon 6.2.1. But the same is not working in Katalon 6.3.1.
For Example,
When FirstName is blank in the excel sheet,

In Katalon 6.2.1 , the field value is read as below,
FirstName =

In Katlaon 6.3.1, the same field value is read as below,
(Default) FirstName = com.kms.katalon.core.testdata.reader.SheetPOI@299266e2

Is there any work around to make it read as ‘blank’ rather than ‘com.kms.katalon.core.testdata.reader.SheetPOI@299266e2’

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Please update to v6.3.3


Thanks for the reply.

But I’m facing the same issue with V6.3.3 as well.

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Hi @amohan

Please show us your test script.


Similarly I am getting :

(Default) myVar = {} from some blank excel fields and
(Default0 myOtherVar = in other blank excel fields

The code interprets the {} as containing data.
I am using 6.3.3 as well. I’m very interested in the answer.