Data Driven testing improvements

I have been using Katalon Recorder for a while and I think the tool is great. Previously I was a Selenium IDE user and in our environments, we required to do data driven testing. We implemented that on Selenium IDE and now we also did it on Katalon Recorder. Comparing both tools, there are still a couple of things that can make Katalon Recorder more user friendly.

  1. test cases on Katalon Recorder live within the Test Suite code. On Selenium IDE, test cases live on their own and the test suite was just a file calling those test cases. This is good when one wants to reuse test cases. As of now, if one want to reuse a test case, needs to copy-paste it on a text editor (not within the Recorder).

  2. on Selenium IDE, the reference to the csv file was dynamic, this is, when playing the test cases, data was read directly from the file. If one changed the file, there was not need to remove/reload the file due to the changes were read when playing the test case. On Katalon Recorder, everytime a change is made to the csv file, the file has to be removed/reloaded. This is not efficient when one is creating the test cases.