Cyrillic input doesnt work

Hi there! I have a hell of a problem here. I trying to automate editing user profile and I have a bunch of text fields there. I can enter Latin chars and Numbers but no Cyrillic chars through appium and katalon studios. But if I enter cyrillic chars directly through keyboard in my android device It writes it down perfectly. I thinkin that there some char coding that I should write in script in Katalon (some type of UTF-8 idk). What should I write in my script or turn on in Katalon so I could write down Cyrillic symbols in text fields in android apps?

I am using Katalon 5.9.1 with Appium 1.8.1 on Win10 x64

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Hi @Nikolai_Lebid,

Someone else had this issue, and there might be a possible solution here:

You can then use the Mobile.sendKeys() function to sent Cyrillic input into a text field.

Hope this helps,


Thx! Lil’ bit late tho, I’ve found solution by myself long ago, but I really thankful for your assistance c: