"CustomKeyword" is changed from free to premium feature?

I have got a guess why the “CustomKeyword” is changed from free to premium feature.

Recently in this forum we welcomed new active contributors titled @support.squad :

They are Katalon employees even though the above post calls them “contributors”.

They have proposed their solutions as a set of Groovy source codes under the “Keywords” folder. I guess, Katalon managements want the support.squad’s contributions to be premium for the paying users. So as of the v9.1, the Keywords folder is priced.

Unfortunately, Katalon Studio is not designed to distinguish 2 groups of Groovy classes under the “Keywords” folder:

  1. one is developed by Katalon employees: “support.squad”,
  2. another is developed by users: you and me.

It seems Katalon forgot or ignored the 2nd group.

Poor Katalon, you are too easy on changing the pricing scheme. And you should remember that your product lacks the ability of fine-grained access controls. Pricing by “folders” is a ridiculous idea.