How to change the email address in Katalon Test Ops

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I have updated my Katalon today with new version 7.0.6 and activated with a email address. i went to Project–>Settings–>Katalon Testops to change eamil address but it was disabled. Is there a way to change?

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@usekatalon, hi, are there any news about this? I have the same problem

@fap no luck till now…please post here if you find any clue.

I am on vacation…sorry for the late response :slight_smile:

Hello All,
Can anybody help on this?

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It would be appreciated if anyone can help on this :slight_smile:

Hi @usekatalon,

You can follow this instruction to override Testops account.

To receive summary reports via email after the execution of Test Suite or Test Suite Collection, you need to configure global settings of email in Project/Settings/Email.

By default, Katalon Studio is configured to send all report emails for Test Suite executions, including Test Suites in a Test Suite Collection.

As an exclusive feature for Katalon Studio Enterprise, users are given an option to receive report emails for Test Suite Collections’ executions and skipping a single email for each Test Suite stored in that Collection. This feature is proved useful for those who execute Test Suite Collections containing a significant number of Test Suites. In that case, they can check Skip sending email report for individual Test Suites in the Test Suite Collection to keep their mailbox tidy.

The Send test email button is only enabled once Mail Server Settings and Recipients are filled correctly.

Mail Server
Mail Server Settings define the mail server Katalon Studio uses for sending emails.

Host: the domain name of the mail server.
Port: the port to be used for that server.
Username & Password: the account to authenticate with the server.
Protocol: the protocol to communicate with the mail server (None, SSL, TLS).
Encrypt authentication data is recommended for sensitive data protection.

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