Cucumber | Feature File - How to pass variables from variable binding to the Feature File?

I am using Katlaon version 7.2.7(it has step definition fixes) and trying to map the variables in variable binding to the feature file. Any responses will be much appreciated. I have changed the feature file ‘Scenario Outline’ to only use ‘Scenario’, so that I can incorporate use of variables in variable binding.
I did refer -, but feature file documentation is not mentioned.

Thanks in advance

Please Help !!! Still waiting for answer or any leads.

Please share the step definition file.

Here is my step defination for login feature and testcase and the variables in the test case that are binded to the test suite. Not completely sure of how to use variables that are binded in a test suite to use in the step definition file.

I am using “${username}” and “${password}” as my test case is calling the feature file and thought the feature file will use the binded variables, but instead it uses the variable name itself. So, my script is using “username” and “password” and trying to login. I want it to use the variable value that I have binded in the test case.


I am very interesting in this topic. Actually I am facing the same problem, did you find a solution?
Thank you in advance for your answer.