Cannot click checkbox, always click the link in checkbox's text

Hi Guys,

In my test cases, I need click the checkbox, I used several ways to locate checkbox, such as xpath, selector, ID, class, name, and used object spy to highlights object, spy can highlights the object, but seems just the text of checkbox, not checkbox itself, and it always click the link of text, does anyone can help me figure it out?
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Spy cannot highlights object if I used type=checkbox, and id =acceptTerms

will it works if you create the object manually?

No, I tried to create object manually, but still no luck

What did you put for the object’s attribute when you created it manually? and the test script as well.

Dude i have this problem too, still cant solve it, :frowning:

Hi all, any update ? I have the same probleme


Please post a new topic - this one is so old I’m going to close it.

Show us some HTML in your new post/topic so we can see what is your problem. And if you are using the Spy, make sure you are right over the actual checkbox, and not the associated label, before you try to get the object properties otherwise you will be missing the correct attributes.