Could not retrieve the Log of a Test Suite executed in a Test Suite Collection

**OS : **Windows 7

Katalon Studio Version : 5.6.1

## Katalon Studio logs:

Windows : attached

## Environment (for Web testing)

Browser : Firefox 61.0.2

## Steps to reproduce -

  1. Clone out my project from
  2. Open the project by Katalon Studio
  3. Open a Test Suite Collection named “Test Suites/Execute”
  4. Execute it. … wait for a few minutes to finish.
  5. The collection executes 5 test suites sequentially: cleanMaterials, Main/TS1 with profile=project, Main/TS1 with profile=develop, ImageDiff, makeIndex
  6. I could confirm that all of 5 test suites are executed and produced reports in the Reports directory. Note that the test suite named ImageDiff fails, which is intentional
  7. In the LogViewer you find an eye icon. By clicking the eye icon, you see a drop down list of reports of the executed test suites.

## Expected Behavior -

In the dropdown list, I found an entry labeled “Test Suites/makeIndex”. So I choosed it, as I wanted to retrieve the log. — But I could not.

## Actual Behavior -

Other log, for example the log of “Test Suites/ImageDiff” was responded.

## Screenshots / Videos


Can not retrieve the last log of a test suite collection.png

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Hi kazurayam,

I have logged a ticket for your report to the queue. The team will further investigate the issue.

Thank you for reporting bugs to us.

Please follow up the status of this issue here:

Hi guys,

This issue has been fixed in Katalon Studio 5.9. Please help check it out.

Best regards,

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