CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE should show stack trace and log viewer for each failure

The CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE feature is nice, but it is very hard to find out which step failed if the test steps are dynamic, especially if they are within a subprocess/method call. After the test is completed, the log viewer should show the traceable failure just like STOP_ON_FAILURE does, so the user can drill down and see the actual flow the failed. Currently, all of the steps show Passed, but only the test case shows failed, so I can’t tell where the failure occurred.

Tested on 5.3.1 and 5.4.


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Hi Caleb

Is it any better if you turn off Tree View?

I’ve seen this before (but I think it was Suite related) and I think with Tree View turned off it gave me a better presentation. However, it was some time ago… maybe I am mistaken…


That does help, although not perfect, it does allow us to trace the actions before each failure a little better. Hopefully, the Tree View will be fixed in the future. Thanks