Logs in log viewer, in tree view, doesn't keep anymore

Hi, as the title says, when I run my scripts and watch the logs in the Log Viewer window, i see that it not keeps all the execution logs. Every time a task of the script is in progress I only see the related log line, and when it finishes, the next log line overwrites the previous one. At the end of execution, no log lines are kept.

Does anyone knows how to fix this ? Would be really helpufull

Do you have any screenshot?

Yes, check it out. As you see, while the test is in progress, at every step i got a line, but the entire tree is not kept. At the end, none of the lines are kept.
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Thank you for a very detailed description. Do you know any recent version that this issue didn’t happen?

I think the issue is because you have the button “Only show failed steps” selected. It is the last button with red X on the left side of logs panel. To turn it off click on it again and the log viewer will show all steps in log tree. In the screenshot you shared the button is selected but you don’t have any failed test step.

See below screenshot without the button selected

With button selected

I would say it is not an issue

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Thanks so much! That’s how to loose yourself into really silly problems :sweat_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile: