Connection time out REST services

Hi Team,

I am using Katalon 5.10.1. I added a POST API in the object repository and on testing the service from the object repository, I get a proper response. However, on creating a test case and trying to use the object while sending the request, I get the following error -

com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to send request (Root cause: Connection timed out:

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Hello ,
You must make sure that the steps in the following images are applied in sequence. I hope it’s useful.



Be aware of this bug in 5.10.1:

It could affect you too, so I am afraid you have to use an older version until this get fixed, the Request Object GUI builder is malforming the URL’s

@Ibus I got same experience. It’s working when hit service through object repository. But got timeout when run test case. I’m using katalon 6.0.6.